The Victorian Institute of Earth and Planetary Sciences (VIEPS) is a co-operative educational and research institution based in Melbourne, Australia. 

Tuesday 9th February at 11am

Fritz Loewe Theatre, McCoy Building
The University of Melbourne

The co-operation, collaboration and academic expertise within VIEPS is the product of a strong commitment by industry, government and the participating universities to improve education and relevant research. The core departments of VIEPS are the School of Earth Sciences at The University of Melbourne, Monash University, La Trobe University, The University of Tasmania and Ballarat University.
Current areas of research include geology, geophysics, geochemistry, geochronology, geomorphology, hydrogeology, climatology, oceanography and meteorology.

VIEPS was made possible by the financial support and encouragement from: The Victorian Education Foundation, BHP Petroleum, Shell Australia, BHP Minerals, and CSIRO Geomechanics.

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